Pest Control Service

While there are different pests in your surrounding, it does not make sense to deal with each at a time. In fact, this approach means that you will spend all your time and resources chasing pests and paying exterminators. The solution lies in finding a pest control service that can deal with all pests in a single visit with our management approches. Despite lack of pesticide that can clear all pests from your compound, there are measures that can significantly reduce the number of all pests regardless of their species. We provide a holistic approach to the pest menace through use of the latest technology, skills and expertise.

  • Understanding The Pests

Most pests are attracted to your compound by similar conditions. These conditions include dirt, dust, dampness and darkness. Clearing your compound or house will assist in getting rid of a wide range of pests from your compound. Pests hide in cracks, holes and other concealed areas. As part of our comprehensive approach to pest management and control, we advise our clients to maintain a clean environment. Bushes should be well trimmed, aerated and free of diseases. This will eliminate all the conditions that promote invasion by pests. Our experts will help you understand the pests that are common in your area with the aim of finding a lasting  where our experts are dealing with pests.

  • Proper Use of Pesticides

Pesticides are an effective way of dealing with numerous pests. However, misuse of pesticides is causing resistance leading to an increase in number and variety of pests. Carefully read the instructions provided on all pesticides before using them. Mix the right quantities and spray or use them appropriately. We help home owners to identify the right pesticides depending on the pest they are dealing with. Use of the wrong pesticide amounts to waste of resources since it will have no effect on target pests. Wrong concentration will also not decimate the pests as expected. This may lead to resistance that affects the effectiveness of future control mechanisms.

  • Natural Options

The beauty of natural pest control options is that they do not contaminate your environment. This means that you can combine two or more methods and still maintain a high rate of effectiveness. Flowers and herbs like rosemary, lavender, lemon, garlic, pepper, etc are effective in controlling multiple pests. We assess your environment and recommend the best natural methods of controlling pests. The natural methods proposed are cost effective as well. It means that you will not have to separate the budget for flies from that of bedbugs, snails, fleas, etc.

  • Work With Professionals

We provide an individualized package that addresses your pest menace in a comprehensive way. The skills and experience of our exterminators allows them to deal with a range of pests in a single visit. This will minimize the number of visits made by exterminators to your premises which has an effect on your budget.

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